Jul 27

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♥♥Emailers Giveaway♥♥

- You’ll get: A pair of silver heart shaped sunglasses, 50+ temporary tattoos, a mini bottle of decorative pink hearts, a mini bottle of decorative purple stars, a terrarium similar to the one above but in a taller bottle WITH a cork, a grasshopper pin,cute peace troll ring with pink highlights, random pink metallic golf ball, pretty blue glittery bubbles with hearts and stars inside, plus a few more random things!


¤ You must be following me ( http://emailers.tumblr.com )

¤ DONT remove the text

¤ Only reblogs. Likes dont count

¤ US only (sorry!)

~Giveaway ends September 16th , random winner will be picked. HAVE YOUR ASK OPEN, OR I’LL HAVE TO PICK ANOTHER WINNER !

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Jul 20

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We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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Jun 29

i remember when eyebrows were made of hair

Every Sunn O))) song played at the same time.


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